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Jetpack is a full service creative agency and bootstrapped software company that, over the years, has developed a creative platform for internal use in thousands of advertising campaigns. My role as Product Designer was to shape the platform design, user experience, and scaleability to deliver a SaaS product to potential clients in advertising and media publication.

  • Team

    Engineering - Kevin Woolery, William Wallace

  • Project Managers - Marc Brown, Alex Kim

  • Front-End Development - Kirk Woolery

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State of creative workshop in early 2017

For years, Jetpack had used their own Web App platform to power their unique digital campaigns through their full service marketing solutions. This way, the company was able to hire designers to execute complex HTML5 and JavaScript based campaigns, without the need for coding. Discovering the potential to license the platform, the company needed to find a way to improve usability, and make it scaleable for large scale advertising and media publications.


Our objectives were to reshape the tool for use in the advertising and media publication market. Including features within the platform such as enhacements to their creative workshop, ordering/campaign management system much like DFP (Google DoubleClick), and a newly developed programmatic content delivery product. As well as identifying user types and eliminating pain points that come with enterprise scale platforms.


Blind user testing and competitive analysis was conducted from the start. The platform in its Alpha build state was given to a select number of users in order to identify pain points and roadblocks in daily tasks for self service ad serving platforms. These were conducted without the use of formal training or resources in order to get a fresh set of eyes on usability of the platform. Competitive analysis was also conducted, as comparisons with other major creative tools and ad serving platforms.

Competitive analysis of major competitors


Line Item System Flow Chart
User Journeys and Flow

After blind user testing was completed, enough information was gathered to form a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of the platform. This was driven by various user stories, user journeys, and user flows to determine which directional path users needed to take to complete day to day tasks or objectives. The user flow above is an example of how these types of operations were plotted out for large scale usability, and relieve those pain points for ad operation users.

Gallery module wireframe (Top) with high fidelity mockup (bottom)

High fidelity mockups and prototypes were designed and wired up in creative tools such as Sketch and Marvel. Prototypes were created to outline usability of the creative workshop modules, as well as ordering system features for ad serving and programmatic delivery set up. See the prototype example below:

Marvel Prototype - Gallery Module
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Final Version
Tag Generator Page Design Progression
Tag Management User Flow
Jetpack Self Service Platform Demo


Current state of creative workshop in early 2018
Agile Production

Our engineering and product team runs lean, so agile production of platform features and integration is key. Our agile framework is set to a bi-weekly Scrum in which each product team member worked on new or current platform features in tandem.

QA & User Testing

An extensive QA process has been conducted for every sprint release on a bi-weekly basis (every 2 weeks). This allows for time spent not only testing new features, but a top down regression on current platform features. Once releases are ran through development, staging, and production environments, they are released for real world user testing. Our team spends countless hours working with clients on improvements to these features, as well as new platform integrations.


Prototype of Jetpack Intelligence Network product - Dec 2017
BETA Release

In September of 2017, the Jetpack platform was released to a public BETA, with partnerships from major publications such as Ziff Davis, Purch, and CBSi. The platform is integral to each publications daily operations to create and serve rich media across dozens of sites, hundreds of content pages, and thousands of placements across the web.


The Jetpack platform has been used internally for years, but this is the first time a viable product has been created for global scale clients. It has almost become like redesigning a sports car at 100mph. As the platform grows, it has been important to get user feedback after continuous use on pain points, requested features, and workflow improvement from an enterprise perspective.

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