Hello! I'm Gabriel Mendoza. I am a Product & User Experience Designer based in New York. With an emphasis in visual and interaction design, as well as mobile, native, and web apps. My lifelong passion is to design rich interactive experiences for users who seek elevated engagement and delight.

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Jetpack SaaS Product

Jetpack is a desktop based Web App platform that allows users to execute creative Self Service advertising campaigns, as well as serving programmatic ads through the Intelligence Network product.

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Play AR Mobile App

This AR based mobile/web app concept brings the idea of conventional social gaming to a whole new level.

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Worldwide Animal Impact Campaign

To increase awareness of human impact on animals worldwide, this digital campaign concept revolves around Augmented reality, online games, and infographs.

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Smirnoff Equalizing Music Site

Released during International Womens Day, this paid partner site from VICE Thump and Broadly profiles women the top 50 women in electronic music today.

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Shopable Digital Product

An e-Commerce style digital product created for high fashion and retail brands.

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