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This high profileĀ App concept brings some of the most popular playground style games into the Augmented Reality space. With a social networking aspect tied to it, players from around the Country can interact with each other in a fresh new way.

Demo Coming Soon!

My Role

As Product Designer, my role was to create the right look and feel for the app. As well as creation of the UI/UX for mobile and web based platforms, Augmented Reality gameplay, card based player selection, and messaging systems.

  • Primary Font

  • Proxima Nova

  • Secondary Font

  • Open Sans

  • Primary Colors

  • #FCAE2B

  • #FFFFF4

  • #585858

  • Secondary Colors

  • #6BAFCC

  • #E14638

  • #66B164


The social media space is large, but shrinking by the minute. The issue is not necessarily reach, but engaging and delighting users to interact more with others. With the rise of AR, a new level of interaction has been introduced to connect people in new ways.


AR is the future of gaming, and this concept is a prime example of how far we can reach and connect people through entertainment and delight.

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