Feed Me Digital Product

This fully dynamic digital product provides creative rotation based on a number of conditions set for each user. Conditions ranging from geolocation, weather data, audience segments, day parting, A/B testing, and many more variables. Once those parameters have been set, creative is then responsive to the users conditions to give much more of a personalized feel.

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My Role

As product designer, my role was to create immersive digital products for use with dynamic content. My work included UX/UI, wireframing, rapid prototyping, product specification, and asset creation for turnkey solutions at a global scale. Tools utilized to create these digital products included Sketch, Photoshop/Illustrator, After Effects, as well as Flite and Chute creative platforms.


Real time data is everywhere, and has challenges in use with creative executions. Data streams from social media, geolocation, weather, and other forms are within reach, but difficult to tie together with brand executions.


This digital product was a successful with travel brands such as Enterprise Car Share. The geolocation driven data gave users the resources to find new Car Share locations based on their GPS location driven by Google Sheets. Engagement soared to higher levels than average with static creatives.

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